Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manually adjust my kids balances?
Parents can adjust balances by going to the "Balances" tab, tapping on the profile you want to adjust, then "Make an Adjustment" button. You can either do a specific amount (including negative), or choose "Set to Zero".
Can I see a detailed history of earnings and adustments?
Yes! Go to the balances tab and tap on the profile you want to see. If you need to go further back just tap the calendar icon and adjust the dates.
How do I review chore proof photos?
Chore photos can be reviewed from the Chore Chart tab. Chores with a photo will have a little camera icon next to them. The icon will be bold for any photos you haven't seen yet, and a simple outline for any that you've already reviewed.
How do I add reminders?
Parents can add reminders from the Chores tab by editing the chore and scrolling to the bottom.
If I accidentally check off a chore, how do I undo?
Simply tap again on the checked off chore and it will be reversed.
How do I link additional devices to my household?
  1. On the first device, open the Settings/Link Additional Devices. This will bring up a sharing screen.
  2. Install Chorsee on the second device
  3. During the onboarding, choose "Join Household"
  4. Your 6 digit household id should appear, tap on it. If not, you can manually type it in.
Is there an Android version available?
Not yet, but it's in the works! Please sign up for our waitlist to be notified.
Is there a way to sort or categorize chores by time of day, area of the house, or other categories?
Yes! If you go the Chores tab, tap the button in the upper right corner you can drag chores into any order you want. If you want to create categories, use the "Add a Group" button at the bottom.
Is it possible to give Allowance/Points for some chores, but not on others.
Certainly. When you create a chore you can leave the Allowance/Points field blank. This will make it a "non-paying" chore.
My kids have to enter a PIN to check off chores. Can I disable this?
Yes! Go to the First tab, tap on the profile you want to adjust, then Edit in the upper right. You can disable the "Protect With PIN" requirement there. Note, only admins can make this change.
I've forgotten my household PIN. How can I reset it?
If you are in admin mode, you can reset it by going to Settings, Household Setup and you can do it from there.
If you are not in admin mode, you can reinstall the app, choose "Join Household" during onboarding, and then turn on Admin Mode during the setup. You'll want to write your household id down before you do this.